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How we came to be...

A small group of WA marketing veterans had a common vision to give back to the industry that had served them so well for many years.

WAMA’s vision came to life over some pale ale and pinot noir, and in February of 2021, WAMA was officially born with the will to inspire WA marketers to rise up, share best practice, and keep churning out killer results.

WAMA Vision

WAMA is working towards a future where Western Australia is regarded as a centre of marketing excellence.

WAMA Rules

Rule #1 – Make our mums proud.

We act objectively and without bias, in a way that we hope will make our mums proud.

Rule #2 – Exclude nobody.

No explanation needed – our actions speak louder than our words.

Rule #3 – Work together.

Collaborate. It’s better that way.

Rule #4 – Be humble.

We’re here to help. No really – we literally exist to help the WA marketing community.

The committee

Rene Le Merle

“I’ve been fortunate to carve out a career doing something I love every single day, with the WA marketing community as my inspiration and support. WAMA gives me a chance to help nurture and cultivate a thriving community that will be a beacon of marketing brilliance for generations to come.”

Ash Broadway

“I’m incredibly proud to be part of the WA marketing community. We produce brilliant work, and I feel very strongly about sharing it and dispelling any notions of a “small” state not producing “big” projects. Being a part of WAMA makes me feel like I can stand on the rooftop with my marketing mates and shout it.”

Jeff Healy

“Having been around the marketing industry in Perth for a while – agency side, client side, and in my own consulting business – I’m keen to ensure it remains vibrant and relevant. I believe an organisation like WAMA is important to continue to bring our industry together to help foster growth and best practice.”

Tess Palmyre

“As a marketer, I’ve had the opportunity to work across education, health, First Nations, and not-for-profit sectors. My role at WAMA is a chance to champion diversity and inclusion across our industry and help foster a more collaborative, equitable, and accessible marketing community.”

Menuccia Tassone

“What I enjoy most about my career is building and nurturing growth – in an organisation, a brand, a community, a team, or myself. With the inception of WAMA, we all have an opportunity to nurture the growth of the WA marketing industry by sharing knowledge and profiling the outstanding work achieved within this state.”

Gemma Kelly

“Passionate about all things marketing, I am extremely proud to be a part of WAMA. I love bringing the industry together to share knowledge and of course, stories!”

Chris Toth

“Joining WAMA has given me the opportunity to leverage my experience in media buying and out-of-home advertising to help grow an inclusive industry body for all marketers in the WA community.”

Des McNamara

“WAMA has given me the opportunity to give back to an industry and community that has given me so much over the last 20 years. It’s a privilege to work with such a passionate group of people creating events and opportunities for people to learn, connect, and network.”

Andrea Candy

“I love seeing the marketing community come together to learn and network, and WAMA provides this opportunity. I am captivated by the energy in the room at our events and this is what motivates me to be involved, and continue to create this environment for current and future marketers.”

The advisory committee

David Ohana

Director of Communications and Marketing at Minderoo Foundation

Alison Balch

Chief Marketing Officer at Pentanet Australia

Gavin Bain

National Consulting Director & Managing Director at Wunderman Thompson

Nita Davey

Director at Trilogy Advertising and Marketing

Simone Woodward

Marketing and Communications Manager at RAC WA

Antonell Doyle

Commercial Director at NOVA Entertainment